A symbol of beauty and craftsmanship, Giove collection was born from the  constant research of linearity and simplicity of form, a true trademark of the Tavanti brand. 

A succession of natural stones and luminous white diamonds framed as if painted by 18-carat gold.


The avant-garde style, the eclectic colors of the stones, the spasmodic attention to details, from design to manufacture, perfectly sum up the characteristics of Tavanti jewelry.The search for perfection and stylistic originality is a constant immediately visible in these pieces of fine jewelry that are made of diamonds and natural stones.

"The decision to create Giove collection is the natural consequence of a project born some time ago while I was reading a book. One of the most relaxing things in the world for me is undoubtedly reading. Being able to carveout an intimate space to read a good book is a little daily pampering that I love to indulge in. The topics are different, I use them to inspire me, to create and leave room for imagination. Hence the intuition to create collections inspired by planets,'" says Fabrizio Falcinelli.

The choice of the name 'Giove', the circular shape and the colors of the stones are directly related to the largest and most fascinating planet in the solar system. The spectacular clouds and intense storms that move over the planet were the starting point for the choice of natural stones that could resemble its appearance. Mother-of-pearl, lapis lazuli, onyx and malachite embellish the jewelry and characterize it with their unique, modern and sophisticated color veins. White brilliant diamonds and 18-carat gold create a strong color contrast and sinuously intersect within the circular pendant. The reference to the planets and the geometry of the contours enhance the linearity and clean lines of the shapes and make it a true stylistic manifesto of the brand.

Colors have a great impact on a physical and psychological level. Their communication is silent but disruptive. The choice of natural stones is based on the study of the meanings of the stones and their colors. The blue of lapis lazuli celebrates the night and the starry sky and tells of a dreamy and creative woman.The black of onyx, symbol of balance and strength, celebrates a daring and extrovert woman, ready to face the challenges of everyday life. The green of malachite recalls uncontaminated and wild nature, while the pink of mother-of-pearl describes a woman with a sweet and romantic soul.

The Giove collection is available in complete sets consisting of necklaces, earrings, ringsbracelets and bangle in 18 carat yellow gold and diamonds.The line with mother-of-pearl stands out from the others for its delicate color palette, in which the different shades of pink that characterize the stone  blend harmoniously with the 18-carat rose gold of the structure. The necklaces, also available in 90 and 120 cm long versions, are a great accessory to enrich your everyday look and add a touch of creativity and modernity.

"The use of colors stems from the desire to give voice to different personalities, from the more eclectic to the simple and reflective. Women are rare gems, each with peculiarities that are hard to find in another. The possibility of choosing between different stones and colors, of combining and mixing them to create unrepeatable looks, allows every woman feel special in her uniqueness," concludes Fabrizio Falcinelli.