Tavanti Jewels has always paid the utmost attention to the care of quality and environmental protection and supports ethical and sustainable behaviors in carrying out all its activities. For this reason, even in the choice of packaging that accompanies Tavanti's jewels, we have selected a local partner, specialized in the design and production of packaging according to the most modern techniques, which uses eco-sustainable materials, guaranteeing a lower environmental impact and low CO² emissions.

The packaging of our jewels has been designed and manufactured entirely in Italy, with an exclusive and personalized project. They are predominantly composed by a blend of materials from FSC certified forests.

Our boxes are composed by the following materials:

Boxes: Cardboard and Paper, PVC, Polyester, Iron;

Removable interior: PVC, Polyester;

For correct waste disposal, it is necessary to follow the regulations of your municipality regarding the separate waste collection methods.