The care of Tavanti's Jewels

Tavanti's jewels are handmade by master Italian goldsmiths, combining traditional goldsmithing techniques with the latest technological innovations. For our creations we use 18 carat gold and stones, carefully selected for their beauty and brightness. To keep the appearance of the jewels intact over time and to store them appropriately, Tavanti recommends following some general indications:

It is preferable not to wear Tavanti's jewels when carrying out housework or when washing your hands to avoid contact with soap, detergents and cleaning products that could damage their brightness. This also holds for sporting activities to avoid contact with any perspiration, salt water or that treated with chlorine which could damage the gems and metal.

The jewels are best kept away from sources of intense heat and sudden temperature changes that could spoil the gold and stones. Avoid wearing Tavanti's jewelry when applying perfume, lacquer and make-up as the chemical composition of these elements could affect the materials.

How to store the jewels

To prevent the Tavanti jewels from getting scratched, it is advisable to store them carefully, placing bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings individually in their original case or in a suitable lined container, protecting them from humidity and sources of heat.

Cleaning tips:

In order to preserve Tavanti's jewels with the utmost care, it is advisable to clean them periodically in a professional way with suitable tools, and gently.

Our 18 karat gold jewelry:

For the cleaning of our 18 kt gold jewelry we recommend using warm water and a brush with soft bristles, then drying by dabbing the jewels without rubbing. We suggest the use of a soft, non-woven cloth.

Tavanti's items in gold with precious stones

The preciouss and semiprecious stones selected for the production of Tavanti's jewels are high quality materials carefully selected around the world from the best suppliers. You are advised to avoid bringing them into contact with oils, perfumes, detergents and other chemicals, to prevent them from losing their shine. Keep the jewels away from intense sources of heat and strong temperature changes. We recommended cleaning the jewelry using a soft, small brush and warm water. To dry them, it is best to dab the jewels with a soft and non-woven cloth, without rubbing.