Giove Pavé Collection: the origin of elegance

An example of creative flair and excellent craftsmanship, Tavanti's Giove Pavé collection is a hymn to elegance and refinement. 

 Art and aesthetics come together to create jewelry that goes beyond mere ornamentation to become an expression of emotion, a tale of passion and beauty.


"The jewelry goes beyond the simple concept of an accessory and becomes a wearable work of art, channeling the aesthetics and creativity of their creators into every finely crafted detail. Each piece is a masterpiece, a unique creation that combines craftsmanship with refined aesthetics and celebrates the strength and grace of women in every shape and shade. Wearing a piece of jewelry from Giove Pavé collection is not only a style statement, but a way to celebrate femininity and individuality, reflecting the unique essence of each woman", explains our designer Fabrizio Falcinelli.

Giove Pavé, Tavanti's latest innovation, is an extension of the iconic Giove collection, one of the most popular and beloved. Giove Pavé adds a touch of light and sophistication thanks to the pavé of diamonds that are the focal point of the entire jewelry range and replace natural stones. This collection, created to satisfy the tastes of women looking for unique and timeless jewelry, is the result of Made in Italy craftsmanship and quality. Each piece is designed and crafted with the utmost attention to detail, to bring to life the astral beauty of the planet that gives the collection its name.

Giove Pavé is available in complete sets of necklaces, rings, earringsbracelets and bangle, all in 18-karat yellow, white and rose gold. The iconic charms are entirely set with white diamonds for the yellow and white gold version, and brown diamonds for the rose gold version. For those who love a sophisticated and eccentric style, the long necklaces are the right choice. Featuring two circular pendants paved with diamonds, they can be worn in two different ways: full-length or double length.

"Giove Pavé is more than a jewelry collection. It is a tribute to art and elegance, an ode to timeless beauty. I designed this extension of the beloved Giove collection with the intention of elevating it to a new level of sophistication, glamour and prestige. The collection is once again named after the majestic planet Jupiter, capturing the essence of this imposing celestial presence. The diamonds, cleverly placed on the surface of the pendants, evoke the image of the planet shining in the darkness of the sky. Each diamond is like a star, adding a touch of magic and mystery to each Tavanti jewel", says Fabrizio Falcinelli.

Giove Pavé is a celebration of the light, beauty and mystery that surround us, a constant reminder of our connection with the wonders of the universe. With Giove Pavé, beauty becomes a link between the Earth and the celestial, a bridge between our everyday existence and the infinity of the cosmos, all enclosed in a piece of jewelry that shines like the stars in the dark of night.