UNICA: The new Tavanti collection

Avant-garde design enclosed in simple and linear volumes. Colors, shapes and stones in exclusive combinations.

From the artistic flair of Fabrizio Falcinelli comes Unica, the new Tavanti collection. Precious jewelry with a contemporary wearability.


The inspiration for the creation of a new jewelry line always comes from a small spark that changes and evolves, moving from reflection to idea, from project to realization. It is based on a continuous search for forms and sensations, a mix of old and new, following that common thread that symbolically and inextricably binds all Tavanti jewelry.

The creations of the new "Unica" collection bring to light the peculiarities of the Tavanti brand. The love for natural stones, their pure and vivid colors. The choice of geometric shapes, simple and clean lines. The predilection for reduced volumes and the combination of luminous pavé.

Collezione Unica

The choice of the name “Unica” was the natural consequence of a project that has always had at its center the image of a refined woman, with a style that prefers sinuosity and little volumes. A simple but never banal woman, updated on the latest trends to follow and redefine them, in step with the times but always true to herself. A unique woman in her simplicity.

"When I make a piece of jewelry, I always try to maintain a stable balance between innovation and craftsmanship, searching for elements and raw materials that are able to blend together to give life to pieces with timeless appeal," notes Fabrizio Falcinelli.

The collections are declined in complete sets consisting of necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings, matched to the corresponding stone. The characteristic element is a rectangular 18-karat yellow gold bar, polished rolò chain with diamond inserts. Cut and set inside, there are different natural stones: turquoise, green malachite, black onyx, and mother-of-pearl.

For those who want to shine, the line in full pavé represents the ultimate expression of the brand's know-how, with two parallel rows of bright white diamonds expertly set in 18-karat gold. A luxury jewelry line in which gold and diamonds blend to create combinations of shapes, lights and symmetries.

"I like to think that each piece of jewelry can meet the needs and tastes of all those women who inspired me to create, with their infinite facets, thoughts and styles," explains Fabrizio Falcinelli."My goal is to enhance the woman who decides to wear a Tavanti piece of jewelry, accompanying her every day to enhance her inner light”.

Collezione Unica