The combination of elegant natural stones and a circle gives birth to Essenza, a collection that tells of the different shades of the spirit. 

Taste and creative art enclosed in a golden circle, sublimated by the colors of the stones. Our designer, Fabrizio Falcinelli, has created a jewelry line with contemporary appeal.


"When I choose to create a new collection, I am always very attentive to the needs of my public, which, thanks to my many years of experience, I have been able to get to know in depth and interpret, with the ultimate aim of realizing their desires and satisfying their needs. This is whyI decided to create Essenza, a collection of jewelry with a linear design that encapsulates in a circle of 18-carat gold that idea of perfection sought spasmodically", explains Fabrizio Falcinelli.

Characterized by the combination of gold with vividly colored stones, these jewels represent a true stylistic manifesto of our brand. The choice of simple lines skillfully combined with a wide range of natural stones is in fact the fil rouge that accompanies all Tavanti collections. Set within a gold circle embellished with two white diamonds, the natural stones vibrate with their bright color palette. The creations well reflect Fabrizio Falcinelli's spirit of continuous research, as well as his personal concept of creativity closely linked to objects with clean lines.

"Creativity for a designer lies above all in the ability to create jewelry that always makes the brand's DNA recognizable, openly dialoguing with all previous collections in a context of shapes and raw materials with an innovative flavor". "Essenza" is inspired by the life cycle of every human being, by that perfect circle that marks like a clock every moment of our existence from the day we come into the world. The idea behind this collection is to represent a perfect existence, just as perfect is the main element that characterizes the entire jewelry range: the circle," says Falcinelli.

The collection consists of necklaces, earrings, ringsbracelets and long necklaces in 18 carat yellow gold. Color lovers can choose from four different natural stones: the brilliant green of malachite, the turquoise of crystal-clear waters, the pure white of kogolong and the intense blue of lapis lazuli, each enhanced by the brilliance of diamonds. The full pavé line stands out for its elegance and it is distinguished from the others by the presence of pavé diamonds within the circle. The plain gold jewelry represents the evergreen line and it is declined in its purest form, polished yellow gold and diamonds.

"I like to follow the whole process that leads to the realization of the jewelry I design and touch an idea from the very beginning. I believe it is of fundamental importance to create a dialogue between the different production sectors to continue to innovate together. Creating collections likeEssenza, which are fresh, modern and balanced in style, is the result of continuous research and exploration that we carry out every day to offer a product that is always in step with the times," Falcinelli concludes.