Luna collection: a delicate touch

A jewelry that lights up the individuality of every woman, capturing her essence with a delicate but also bold touch.

Fabrizio Falcinelli creates Luna, a collection of 18 karat yellow gold jewelry in which alternate natural stones in a thousand shades and tones of color.


“The question I am asked most often is how a new jewelry collection is born. For each piece of jewelry there is always a precise reason or an exact moment that inspires my creativity and leads me to make it. With Luna it was exactly like that. I started thinking about this collection in a peaceful period in my life. The days were quiet and the May sunlight was streaming in through my office window, illuminating the desk full of markers and colored pencils. I started designing by focusing on the shades of the stones, creating a rainbow of different tones to illuminate the yellow gold of the chain”,says our designer Fabrizio Falcinelli.

Luna jewelry collection consists of complete sets of necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. For lovers of glitz and for those who want apiece of jewelry that is the absolute star, the long necklaces are the right accessory. Dynamic jewelry in different shapes and designs, all characterized by a range of colored briolette-cut natural stones ranging from the soft colors of rose quartz and green amethyst to the bold tones of red garnet and citrine.The stones placed side by side and alternating with 18 karat gold diamond spheres, create an almost fairytale-like aura that enhances the natural beauty of the wearer.

Luna Collection by Tavanti

"The choice of the name Luna is the result of a careful study of its symbolism. The symbol of the moon is in fact linked to the feminine sphere, to intuition, fertility and purity, but also to mystery and darkness. Thanks to its alternating phases, it always speaks to us of a new and perpetual movement of regeneration capable of bewitching anyone who observes it. The undisputed queen of the night, it is seen as the ideal setting for a romantic scenario, evoking sincere and positive feelings. Hence the name of the collection, an immediate reference to candor, romanticism and feminine sensuality," explains Fabrizio Falcinelli.

Luna jewelry collection can suit the most diverse personalities thanks to its wide range of products. The creations range from linear yellow gold rings with a central stone to spectacular necklaces with pendants studded with natural stones made unique by the magnificent palette of brilliant colors. Pink quartz, green quartz and whisky, citrine, red garnet, purple amethyst and blue topaz like so many little stars illuminate the jewelry, adding that touch of elegance and refinement that makes this collection one of the most feminine and delicate.

"I strongly believe in craftsmanship and the value of experience. With this collection, rich in details and ambitious goldsmithing techniques, I wanted to give voice to the quality and design of Made in Italy.I like to think of jewelry as little amulets capable of evoking memories and emotions. With Luna collection, I have set myself the goal of enhancing the creativity of the end consumer, conveying authenticity and uniqueness and stimulating the conscious purchase of jewelry that becomes true objects of art," Falcinelli concludes.

Luna Collection by Tavanti