Elegance and simplicity intersect sinuously in this gently shaped and romantically designed jewelry collection.

A perfect combination of the vivid colors of natural stones sublimated by brilliant-cut white diamonds and the warm embrace of 18kt yellow gold.


"I thought for a long time about what could be the best word that could represent the spirit of this collection. I could not find a name that would satisfy me and tell the story of the path that led me to create it. I designed this collection under the rays of a warm early spring sun, sitting on the turquoise rocking chair overlooking the porch of my country house. Around me were the soothing sounds of unspoiled nature, the rustling of leaves and the chirping of a few birds in the distance. My hands began to draw, first a semicircle, then two semicircles joined at the center, until the heart, the symbol of the entire collection. The name Armonia came late, while I was hunched over my desk in the office and thinking back to the serenity that creative moment had left me," our designer Fabrizio Falcinelli says.

Armonia collection is designed to enhance our more romantic and sensitive side, accompanying us through daily challenges with a touch of color and elegance. All the jewelry in the collection features a wide range of colored natural stones, meticulously hand-cut and set in an 18-karat yellow gold heart. The deep blue of lapis lazuli, the natural green of malachite, the brilliant turquoise of the sea, and the snow-white of kogolong are the absolute stars of this Tavanti collection.

Armonia Collection by Tavanti

"Armonia is an agreement, a union between parts capable of producing an effect pleasing to the senses. It is a balance between various elements, a perfect proportion between shapes and colors. The name Armonia, with its countless shades of meaning, clearly describes the message of the entire collection: a warm golden embrace represented by the harmonious shape of the heart. A symbol of spirituality, the heart is the seat of the deepest feelings, of the love inherent in human beings, of calm and peace," Falcinelli explains.

The collection is declined in complete sets consisting of necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and, for those who like a more sophisticated style, long necklaces in the 100 cm version. All jewelry in the Armonia collection is made of 18-karat yellow gold, natural stones and two white brilliant-cut diamonds set inside the colored heart. The polished gold version, sophisticated in its simplicity, and the full pavé version, flashy and classy, are the variants to the classic models with stones.

An interplay of hearts with sinuous shapes, bright colors and sparkling diamonds for a woman with a romantic soul who focuses everything on a seductive and overwhelming femininity. A meeting of lights and shades of color designed to enhance the beauty of the wearer. The jewels of the Armonia collection are discreet and elegant, endowed with that special touch capable of completing, embellishing, both a day and evening look.

"The aspect I love most about my work and that drives me to improve every day, always researching new and cutting-edge techniques, is seeing the jewelry I design worn by wonderful women all over the world. I am inspired by them every day to bring each Tavanti collection to life, their stories, their lives, their different personalities. A creative should do this, listen and interpret their audience, grasp their needs and share their values. This is how a simple piece of jewelry is transformed into something much more important," concludes Fabrizio Falcinelli.

Armonia Collection by Tavanti