Legami collection: Deep relationship

An ode to human connection, a celebration of the affections and relationships that shape our lives.

Fabrizio Falcinelli's artistic vision evolves in the pursuit of materials while remaining faithful to the distinctive design of the Tavanti brand.


The Legami jewelry collection is born from the idea of celebrating the deepest human connections through the universal language of jewelry. Each piece is conceived to represent the unbreakable bond between people, their stories, and the precious moments shared together. Unexpected encounters, loves, and friendships that last a lifetime, founded on loyalty and mutual respect. Each jewel in the new Tavanti collection uniquely tells the invisible threads that bind our existences, creating the intrigue of relationships that shape our lives and, therefore, deserve to be celebrated.

“In creating this new collection of jewelry, I immediately thought about the best way to express the concept of connection through design. I was inspired by hugs, handshakes, genuine looks, and smiles that create deep connections. I imagined intertwining threads, shapes that fit together, a palette of vibrant colors that create plays of light and shadows capable of surprising. I wanted to ensure that each piece had its own story to tell. I spent a lot of time personally selecting every material, trying to find the perfect combination of elements that could communicate the beauty and strength of human relationships”, explains designer Fabrizio Falcinelli.

image with a model wearing Legami collection

The new Legami jewelry collection blends the charm of 18-karat yellow gold with the modernity of enamels that characterize, with their vibrant colors, the sides of two three-dimensional U-shaped elements, joined as in an embrace. Each color combination has been carefully selected to create an effect of harmony and vibrant beauty. Green - lilac, pink - white, turquoise - orange, blue - white, and, in monochrome versions, yellow and red, choosing the color combination that best represents one's personality becomes a playful moment to share together.

The new Legami collection is available in rings, necklaces, bracelets, lobe and pendant earrings in 18-karat yellow gold, enamel, and brilliant-cut white diamonds. Of great impact is the long transformable necklace which, thanks to hidden clip closures inside the three-dimensional elements, allows you to play with it, dismantling it to form a short necklace and a matching bracelet or transforming it into a necklace with a pendant. A fun and versatile jewel that adapts to different looks, perfect for those who love to change, creating always original combinations.

“The evocative name of the Legami collection arises precisely from this idea of union. Whether it's a long-standing friendship, a newly formed love, or a mature one, the relationship between sisters or the bond with one's mother, Legami jewels are destined to become precious treasures that withstand the test of time. Through the skillful use of 18-karat gold and enamels, each piece tells a story of beauty and tradition, celebrating the mastery of artisans and the emotional bond that jewelry can create with those who wear them”, concludes Falcinelli.

Image with model wearing Legami collection