Creating memories that will last, sharing happy moments, opening our hearts to others by laying bare our true emotions. 

Christmas is the most magical time of the year, a time when lights twinkle, houses dress up, harmonious melodies fill the streets warming everyone's heart. In this festive spirit, Tavanti's rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets represent the perfect gift that can enrapture the heart of the recipient thanks to their modern design and refined details.

All Tavanti jewelry collections, with their uniqueness and meticulous style, are designed for discerning women and made entirely in Italy. Thanks to our Christmas gift guide, you can choose the perfect gift for the woman of your life, capturing, with the beauty of Tavanti creations, the infinite facets of her personality. Whether she is a soul mate, a trusted friend, a mother or a sister, Tavanti jewelry will know how to make her happy and the Christmas season will be even more magical.


Unica collection is characterized by avant-garde design enclosed in simple, linear volumes. The love for natural stones, their pure and vivid colors, the choice of geometric shapes and the combination of luminous diamonds represent the main peculiarities of this collection. Ideal for a woman with a refined soul and a style that prefers sinuosity and inconspicuous volumes, who wants to feel desired and unique.

Unica Collection

A symbol of elegance and craftsmanship, Giove collection is a true stylistic manifesto of the Tavanti brand. The circular shape of the iconic charm and the colors of the natural stones that characterize it are a clear reference to the largest and most fascinating planet in the Solar System, from which the entire collection takes its name. For those who love to choose from different stones and color combinations, for those who love to create unrepeatable looks by matching and mixing jewelry, for those who love to feel special in their uniqueness.

Art and aesthetics come together in the new Giove Pavé extension, consisting of jewelry that goes beyond simple ornamentation to become true works of art. Giove Pavé adds a touch of light and sophistication with pavé of diamonds that are the focal point of the entire jewelry range and replace natural stones. Ideal jewelry for those who like to attract attention, for those who want to shine by illuminating the darkness of the night.

Giove Pavé collection

Armonia collection seduces the observer with its soft lines of contemporary design. The perfect combination of the vivid colors of natural stones and the warm embrace of 18-karat gold makes this Tavanti jewelry collection ideal for a woman with a romantic soul who focuses everything on her femininity. Discreet and elegant jewelry, endowed with that special touch capable of completing, embellishing, both a day and evening look.

The perfect circle symbolizing the Essenza collection tells of the different shades of the spirit. Taste and creative art meet in a golden circle sublimated by the colors of natural stones illuminated by brilliant-cut white diamonds. Ideal collection for those who prefer an elegant and inconspicuous style but do not want to give up wearing an accessory that can add a precious and refined touch to their look.

Essenza collection

Luna collection consists of 18-karat yellow gold jewelry and natural stones in different shades and hues that can impress every woman with a touch of boldness. Luna jewelry collection suits a wide variety of personalities thanks to its wide range of products. The creations range from linear yellow gold rings with center stone to spectacular necklaces with pendants studded with natural stones made unique by their magnificent palette of brilliant colors.

Gifting a piece of jewelry during the Christmas season is an extraordinary way to show affection and gratitude to all the people we love and who are part of our lives. Every detail, from the natural stones to the fine materials, reflects the craftsmanship typical of Made in Italy, the commitment and passion inherent in every creation, which are essential to making unforgettable jewelry. The use of high-quality materials, such as 18-karat gold and diamonds, is a guarantee of reliability and makes the jewelry eternal. In this way, each piece of jewelry becomes a bridge between the past and the future, an enduring symbol of love and family bonding.